Gaming in bytes.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about tasty biscuits whilst playing games. Not because I’m some greedy biscuit-monster, although that’s not far from the truth, but because I like the game part of games.

Yeah, the game part. To explain what I mean, take your favourite game and a pack of your favourite biscuits. Power up the game, start it from scratch and eat a biscuit. Hell, eat more if there’s a loading time, or developer idents, or some unskippable introduction. Eat biscuits until you can play the damn thing — and get to the game part of the game.

Whilst you’re playing the game, you cannot eat biscuits. But I beseech you to munch on one every time you can because the game doesn’t need your input. Sonic hits a speed booster and rolls through a rollercoaster of loops and corkscrews? EAT DELICIOUS BISCUITS. Ryo Sakazaki’s Ryukoh Ranbu SDM connects and you wait for the volley of automated punches and kicks to floor your opponent? STUFF YOUR FACE. Solid Snake is currently pressed against a wall waiting for his chance to scurry undetected to the next bit? COMMENCE SHOVELING OF TASTIES INTO MAW. That three year-long summon in Final Fantasy? You should know the drill by now, you weighty sonofagun.

Games are about interactivity, sure. And I’m not saying the less biscuits are eaten during an average session equate to a much better game, but it’s something to think about.

Just don’t dunk them, you disgusting heathen.


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