Dropping the pretense of anonymity.

Hello, and my name is Jay Townsend. I write about games.

When I started this blog, it was to express myself with regards gaming and gameplay theory as an aside from the fair few gaming projects I spend my time doing. Some of these projects take more time than others, and some are more tied to my musings on gameplay theory than others; those which are both of the above are the games I make.

SLaVE is an ongoing project that aims to bring Robotron 2084-esque arcade shooting into first-person territory. In developing it, I am managing to explore a lot of ludological concepts regarding player space.

Happy Turd is a quick game developed over two weeks for the ‘Flappy Jam’ tribute to Dong Nguyen’s overnight here-and-then-gone hit, Flappy Bird. Lacks polish (and needs a little bug-fixing), but was an experiment into making the mechanic a little more passive and forward-thinking. It has a few fans.

I am dropping the anonymously-written pretense of this blog so I can talk about gameplay concepts and how they relate to the games I make.

Hello, my name is Jay Townsend. I make games.


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