Happy Turd Development Material

Pencil and paper

This was the very first on-paper material for Happy Turd (then called ‘Crappy’). I’d never have chased the concept if I couldn’t think of a way to make it different from Flappy Bird, and this passive mechanic of placing rolls of paper seemed enough to differentiate. It’s worth noting that this comprises the space of only half a side of A4-sized paper. For games of such nature, I consider anything more than could be described on one side to be too complex.

Ink on paper

Ink on paperDrawings, using a fibre-tipped fineline pen, on 1.5 sheets of A4 paper: the lack of an ‘explosion’ graphic was an oversight that I amended when I realised that ‘Crappy Turd’ already existed in the game jam I was participating in with this game. And so, I redrew the logo as ‘Happy Turd’.

Digital colour with GIMP

Simple digital colour added to the assets, this was enough for me to utilise them in producing my first real mockup:


The playable game followed with only small presentational differences:

Happy Turd version 1

The recent re-creation of the game looks much closer to the original mockup and functions closer to the initial vison as scrawled on paper:

Happy Turd version 2


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