Don’t Be A Pixel @ GameCity 2014 – Part One

Lovely write-up on Game City (featuring N.E.O – Near Earth Objects) from a Twitter-friend.

Don't Be A Pixel

This is part one of my two-part series on my experiences at GameCity. This part is primarily talking about the games I saw at the Open Arcade. To see the next part (live on Wednesday), discussing the experience and everything of GameCity, click here.

GameCity is an event that runs every year in Nottingham, UK, mostly happening in a fairly small building not far from the city centre, but tucked away down some smaller streets. It is a very unassuming convention, especially when you consider the size of events like PAX and E3, with their giant banners and their huge convention centres and how they shut down the places they’re in for the whole weekend. Its also a very different convention for the fact that it takes place over about 8 days rather than just 3, and it is absolutely free to attend. Its also very much geared to…

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