5 characters it would be GREAT to see in Street Fighter V

At E3 2015 Street Fighter V‘s known roster was expanded to a total of six, adding Cammy and Birdie to the palette.

Birdie was quite the unusual choice, being one of the less-popular characters in the Street Fighter Alpha semi-spinoff series. Here’s five characters I’d personally love to see among series favourites and (hopefully) original fighters:

5 – Karin Kanzuki

karin-alphafixAlso from Alpha, Karin was the Ken to Sakura’s Ryu – whilst being utterly different, merging Fei-Long style ‘rekka’ punch chains with SNK-esque reversals for a hell of a mixup mindgame that may be well-suited to SFV’s seemingly more risky style of more considered, high-damage gameplay.

4 – Mike Haggar


I’d love to see Zangief in the new Street Fighter – it isn’t SF for me without the lovable bear. But he definitely needs a friend, and why not Haggar? Admittedly needs toning down from his Marvel vs Capcom 3 incarnation, but he’d totally work given the now-established propensity Capcom have of crossing the SF and Final Fight universes.

3 – Rainbow Mika


RAINBOWWWWW! I admit, I love a good grapple character. And why not Mika? Her joy de vivre and sheer will to wrestle with the very best make her utterly likable even before the butt-splashes have begun. Also, she’s got an atypical (for fighting games, at least) figure that chalks up a point for body-positivity, which can’t ever be a bad thing.

2 – Eagle


A fine fellow that almost rivals Dudley for Most Dapper Scrapper, he dresses to kill and is armed with twin batons to finish the job if needed. His strikes can be delayed to control the pace of a fight, has a projectile-reflect (which would fit right in with what’s been seen of SFV’s anti-projectile game so far) and is just utterly fabulous, being one of the few canonically-homosexual fighting characters out there (reflected in various winning quotes).

1- Akira Kazama


Yes, from Rival Schools. Why not, that series had Street Fighter‘s Sakura Kasunago – so the continuities clearly co-exist happily. And what’s there not to love about a badass biker who kicks ass to rescue her brother (instead of playing the oh-so-tired damsel in distress routine)? Obviously like Haggar her gameplay would have to be reigned-in for SFV, but I think she’d make a great and rather appealing fit.

Almost, but not-quite


Two lesser choices I almost made were Street Fighter EX‘s Blair Dame and Damnd from Final Fight. Blair is pretty awesome, but her hybrid style and cool looks aren’t alone enough for consideration. As for Damnd? It’d just be nice for him to be able to party with the other non-final boss Final Fight fighters, wouldn’t it? Alas, it seems unlikely. But then, stranger things have happened.


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