Current Events: Translation Drama

This piece is a reaction to a reaction to a reaction. Apologies.

Kotaku writer Patrick Klepek here seeming almost exasperated at the ‘new normal’ of fans being informed of the translation/localisation team of their games before purchase. The Niche Gamer piece with a headline to ‘rest easy’ comes in the wake of the mixed reception from the localisation of the latest Fire Emblem game, which is apparently missing entire sections of gameplay and dialogue; and what is present is often laden with memetic references that may see the game become dated well before its time, all courtesy Nintendo‘s internal development studio Treehouse.

Whether or not it’s the case that Fire Emblem was or was not ruined, surely it’s a good thing that Nintendo fans can be informed before-the-fact whether or not to expect this again from future titles?

I’d like to address Klepek’s apparent exasperation with three points, each one merely semantics, but hey;

  1. Why is it not a good thing that gamers can find out who is handling the localisation of these new Pokémon titles?
  2. Why would it not be a good thing for this to in fact be the standard?
  3. How can you call it the new “normal”, when normalcy is established in majority cases and not just the fucking once just now?

Either way, it’s great to think that there could be more transparency re: localisation in Fire Emblem‘s wake.


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